some fun stuff!

flash animation

I created a quick animation using Flash. I also played the voice roles of both the boy and the girl.


cut paper poster

Blood, sweat, and tears went into this cut paper poster. Using only an exacto knife and paper, this was my end result. We were given a tribe and a dinosaur to research in depth about and tell a story in our posters. My tribe was the Navajo and my dinosaur was the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

machine rendered type

I drew the word honey, manipulated the type in the scanner couple times. Using Photoshop I layered the seperate scans in color. I wanted to create a honey sliding effect using this method.


hey you.

Call me Isabel, Izzy or Iz, but never Isabella.
I have a trapped chihuahua at home.

Porters are best. Black coffee is right. Louis CK is my champ.

I design because it’s fun, and I code because it’s magic.
I’m a pixel-stacking code-transformer.

i breathe..

Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign + After Effects
HTML5 + CSS3 + Keyframe Animations + Bootstrap + jQuery