Book Covers

book covers

I designed three covers for
Jack Kerouac's books: Desolation Angels, The Subterraneans,
and Dharma Bums. Kerouac represented The Beat Generation, his life is constantly filled with insanity, but he enjoys isolating himself from time to time. I created a series of book covers that reflects The Beat Movement covering an ample amount of life, which people portrays Kerouac as the king of The Beat Generation, but at the end of the day, he still feels isolated and alone.


hey you.

Call me Isabel, Izzy or Iz, but never Isabella.
I have a trapped chihuahua at home.

Porters are best. Black coffee is right. Louis CK is my champ.

I design because it’s fun, and I code because it’s magic.
I’m a pixel-stacking code-transformer.

i breathe..

Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign + After Effects
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